Welcome to Not One More, Northwest Pennsylvania.

We are working towards a day when there is

Not One More

Lost Spirit,
or Grieving Heart
in Northwest Pennsylvania.

How can we help?

Our Mission

Our mission is raising substance use disorder awareness, providing support and resources for our community, promoting recovery, and preventing drug abuse in Northwest Pennsylvania.


Narcan (naloxone) distribution

Support persons with substance use disorders and those that love them

Combat Stigma

Present information about Substance Use Disorders in the community.

Support Thankful Thursdays community service projects.

Overdose Memorial Services

RecoverID – to assist persons in recovery from substance use disorders to get their identification so they can return to work.

Coming Soon!

Hayden House

Recovery Housing for women with Substance Use Disorders.

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Treatment is available, and Recovery is Possible!

Since 2015,
Not One More, Northwest Pennsylvania
has provided…

We are a community of people that have experienced the horrors and overcome substance use disorders firsthand.
We have found that talking about our pain, fears, hopes, and joy has eased our burden, both as addicts and friends and family of addicts.
Join us every Monday at Hope for Healing Hearts at 705p EST.

We have been through it, and we took notes. We’ve compiled them here so you can find your own road to recovery.

Community Events
You can find us in our community, attending, tabling, or sponsoring events!  Recent events include the MMC Wellness Fair, the Overdose Memorial Service, and Black Balloon Day.

Placemaking Initiatives
We have several outreach programs to make our community a better place to live.
We believe that an inclusive and cohesive community is the key to building recovery capital and overcoming substances use disorders!
Some of our efforts include Thankful Thursdays and Recovery Rocks 814.

Naloxone Training and Distribution
Naloxone or Narcan is a life-saving opioid overdose reversal drug. We provide training, detailing when and how to use Narcan. We also work to spread awareness and the availability of this life-saving drug. Accessibility of Narcan directly improves the likelihood of surviving a drug overdose.

& More!
We are always looking for more ways to serve our community! Submit a suggestion, join us at a meeting or event! We are also looking for more committed people to join our Board! Get a hold of us! Let us know your thoughts!

“Pain shared is pain halved, joy shared is joy multiplied.”